Our 25 Litre hand sanitiser is our largest consumer container of sanitiser gel available.

Designed to fill a large number of dispensers within organisations or use as required.


Available with screw top as standard, but a large 60mm pump could be fitted by yourself if

you have them.

Our unique formulation of hand sanitiser is designed to keep hands super soft, is quick

drying and spreads very easily over the hands. Our customers agree, which is why our hand

sanitiser is rated by thousands of people as the best they have used.

Hand Sanitiser 25 Litre

  • - Proven to kill all enveloped viruses within 60s, including coronaviruses, MRSA & SARS.

    - Great gel viscosity, this is not a liquid rub or spray.

    - 70% Alcohol content effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria.

    - Quick dry formula, no water or rinse required.

    - BS EN 1276 Tested and compliant.

    - BS EN 1500 Tested and compliant.

    - BS EN 14476 Tested and compliant

    - Made in the UK.

    - Heavy 25kg.

    - Bottle Height 455mm, Width 290mm, Length 290mm