Roller Towels and Mats

 The strong metal cabinet provides a fresh piece of towel for each use​

 Towels can be checked through the transparent reservoir​

​ The cabinets need no source of power 

​ The towels are washed in an Industrial wash making them both  environmentally friendly and waste free

 A regular towel exchange.

 Suitable for the busiest of washrooms 

Roller Towel Service Image 3.jpg
Roller Towel Service Image 4.jpg


 A well placed mat will prevent dust and dirt being tracked through your building​

 They encourage you clients and customers to wipe their feet when entering your business which keeps your entrances clean   making floors less slippery and protecting your floors

 We supply the mat and arrange a service interval with you

 Logo mats make a great first impression they can be supplied to your own specification

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