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The Art of Service

We are now well into the month of May with June fast approaching and I am sure we are all looking forward to some warmer weather. With most people now looking to make a return to the office now is a good time to check to see how your Hygiene services are working for you. Do your loos smell fresh and clean when you enter them? are your hygiene units clean and fresh? are your soaps fully stocked? these are important factors that your hygiene provider should be maintaining as standard and if the answer is no then maybe it’s time for a change

Good Service is a form of Art. We believe that all our customers whether they are big or small receive the best service without paying over and above. An example of this is waste transfer fees, with us they are included, what we agree on your contract will be exactly what you pay, nothing added except VAT (Out of our control that one). Our costs do not provide for sales conferences, monthly meeting s or all paid holidays, we instead make sure our staff are paid a fair salary , that means that the customer keeps a familiar face at the point of service who enjoys what they do everyone is a winner

Give us a chance to improve your services we won’t hold you to long contracts or impossible to get out of terms we will quite simply provide you with a service that you need.

Email or Telephone 01375 486319

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