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Easyroll Ellipse is a centre pull paper towel dispenser for

washroom, kitchen and hospitality environments.

This dispenser comes with a patented adjustable tension ring

to provide controlled paper feeding for both perforated and

continuous paper, and for paper types of different thicknesses

to be dispensed in a controlled way.

It has a translucent blue cover that enables easy inspection of

paper level. Due to high customers’ demand, there is also a

cover version in translucent white. There are also two product versions that can accommodate perforated and non-perforated paper.

Easyroll Paper Towel Dispense

  • - Single-use hand drying dispenser

    - The paper self presents enabling maximum hygiene

    - IP rated water resistant to protect paper from incoming splashes of water

    - Modern design that integrates the Ellipse range

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